Business Management

Business Management

Business management is the process of planning and controlling the activities of a business to achieve success. It involves overseeing all aspects of a business including maximising profit, legally minimising tax and managing cash flow.

We can advise and assist with the initial business setup as well as ongoing business support.

Business Structure Set-up

As every business is different and every business owner has different goals for their business it is important to choose the best business structure to suit your needs. The main business structures are Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust and Company. It is possible to start with one structure and change to another but there is considerable work and costs involved.

Business Planning & Risk Management

Business Planning is the process of outlining your goal for the business and detailing how you are going to reach that goal.

Risk management is:

  • Identifying what the risks are to your business
  • Which risks are acceptable
  • Which risks are unacceptable
  • Which risks are avoidable
  • How to minimize risk

Business Coaching

Our business coaching role offers an independent view of your business and can oversee, assist, and guide you on how to achieve your business goals.

This could include advice on:

  • Current business trends and techniques
  • Understanding financial reporting
  • Understanding tax requirements
  • Legislative changes which affect your business
  • Simplifying the recording of transactions